When meeting someone, it is difficult to tell someone that you love them face to face, so another good way to express this could be by sending a personalised card or gift. Some people even freeze at the mention of the word because of previous experiences that they encountered in the name of love. This makes the idea of love so complicated.

Those who have been in love know that there are proven ways of letting people know that you are into them. Aside from just initiating repeated conversations with them, love is expressed explicitly through gifting. A gift can be the eye opener for a new lover to see whether they are accepted, whether their object of love has baggage from the past which they need to deal with first, or whether they are potentially abusive.

Just by observing, one can see a person who genuinely receives and happily appreciates the little or lot you offer. One can also see a person who is emotionally disturbed, the kind who thinks that love does not exist and requires some miracle to resuscitate the inner person in them. Or the person who outwardly demands much more. Moreover, through gifting, one can see a person who is genuinely caught by surprise, a person already in a committed love relationship and the one who is playing hard to get and needs to be pursued.

Gifting is a fine art, and those who are good at it know that a person must design a strategy or tact that will communicate exactly what is in their heart without having to say it. One strategy that works is to take baby steps in buying gifts for a loved one. For example, buying a nice book that is not necessarily about love, may be the first step, and after observing the receiver’s reaction, one can graduate to more romantically leading gifts like flowers.