Many must have heard the saying: marriage is like a vehicle- some struggle to get in, while others struggle to get out. This is not necessarily true. Depending on one’s environment, upbringing and perception, they can choose to defy statements like these and believe in settling into a lasting, joyful and enjoyable institution, or they can have divorce statistics at their fingertips.

Choosing to view relationships and marriage positively does not mean that one is denying reality. Of a truth, the divorce statistics are real, and many people are going through difficult times in their relationships or marriage while others are recent divorcees. But this does not prevent people from seeing the other extreme, couples who are finally making it, and have lived long enough to tell their story.

These couples do not deny that there are moments when they felt they had lost it. Rather, they accept that they managed to recover just by going back to the things they used to do when they were first dating. They remembered that time had come to spend time with each other, buy flowers and gifts for each other, read love poems to each other. They remembered how they celebrated their togetherness and bonded more through persisting through the challenges of life.

These couples, celebrating their togetherness each Valentine’s Day, keep reminding those who are just starting to date that marriage is possible, and finding the right partner can bring great joy. They keep reminding those who are recovering from the pain of divorce that when life gives them the opportunity, they should not shy away from starting again. Although starting is risky, there is always a payoff.

Each Valentine’s Day, these couples speak to the billions of people in pursuance of love. Love can be found, treasured and kept. Love can be celebrated. The celebration can be unending.