People define love differently depending on their stage of life, convictions, and experience. To some, love is a feeling that is ignited when the object of love is in the vicinity or is remembered. Most people in this category visualize love as some kind of bliss that is unending and when it ends, they begin to think it is time to find another person that can bring back the fire.

Other people see love as commitment. Love to these people means that one does not forget important dates. These people do not date to see whether things can work out. They come into a relationship with the end result in mind and put all their effort in it. Dating, therefore, is a means to the end and not just a way to have fun.

There is yet another group that defines love as responsibility. To them, if love truly exists, then it has to compel someone to do things repeatedly, and things that are meaningful like paying bills. To these people, love is the only thing that can compel one to propose long term engagement, consistently meet obligations, whether they feel like it or not, and to sacrifice their personal dreams to settle for the object of love. These people may relate to the common phrase: you cannot eat love.

A person’s definition can help one to know how best to give love. Because love remains abstract unless expressed, listening to how such people talk can help someone to classify them in order to become more loving. For instance, a person who insists on many activities can indicate one who wants fun, one who keeps their eye on the ball can indicate a need for responsibility and one who is offended by a forgotten date can be indicative of a need for commitment. Sometimes one person can define love in all these ways.