In dating, men have been accused of being boring and unromantic. On the other hand, ladies have been accused of having nothing to offer, except for talking about emotional issues that do not appeal to the intellect of men. The question that remains unanswered is: what is the recipe for pure romance? How can dating be made to bring both ladies and gents into congruence while still experiencing thrill?

The answer can be a date at an offline casino instead of an online casino room. Offline casinos offer the exclusivity and action that can bring men to action and women to the peak of enjoyment. Taking an example of playing roulette with friends as the ladies cheer on, gents are motivated by the need to prove their intelligence, strategy, and wit, and ladies are motivated to show confidence and support. All these qualities bring both ladies and gents to the foundation of who they are: men being warriors by nature, inspired to fight to the end, and women being relational by nature, inspired by the need to support.

Some ladies, however, would prefer games where they are both engaged and deep in their conversations. Playing card games for two can be the solution. Games such as war, 66, and double solitaire can provide the tempo required for a wavy conversation while at the same time intellectually involving the couple.

When the mood of the conversation is low and each party is yet to formulate what to say, the conversation can be enabled by the dynamics of the card game. However, as the mood rises and emotions get into the mix, couples can pause for a while, gaze into the eyes of each other, and speak to the deep. All these are so interchanged that irrespective of the presence of other couples in the casino, they can feel a sense of privacy. And the claps and cheers of celebration from other tables can serve as a bell, lest things go so far.