So you have just met and interacted with the person you think is the best match. Congratulations! This is a step many are yet to reach, and it is certainly worth celebrating. However, before officially entering into a party mood, there are certain rules that will go a long way into enabling the discovery and understanding of the partner’s intentions.

First, while a dating site enables people of different social levels and standards to meet, it is upon the user to subjectively determine how suitable the person is. This is done by going beyond their online profile and conversations, into understanding their behaviour and asking questions. Be sure to meet this person physically, hear and observe them well.

Trust is built with time. Therefore, only let go of protective barriers, as people pass your tests. This means that trusting a stranger completely, irrespective of how nice or kind they look is putting one’s self into peril. Some people can camouflage into anything to get what they want. Take your relationship slowly.

Meet in open places that are familiar to you. This ensures that in case of anything, you can always seek help quickly or find your way around. If exclusivity is more appealing to you, then be accompanied by someone.

One of the quickest ways of knowing the true character of a person is to engage them within a larger group of people. This shifts attention from an individual to the group and has a way of slowly pulling out the person’s mask. From group activities or discussions, one can identify over time, a listener, and domineering, obsessive, intolerant, and impatient person.

Through the group, one can also tell the person’s language, whether they are kind in speech and action. Moreover, group members can ask pertinent questions that one may feel awkward to ask. The group can also give an honest and unbiased view of the dating partner.